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Lot #                                                Century Oaks Danielle

Mare                       03-19-09                Buckskin Pinto     
AMHA #192404

Sire:       Century Oaks Dapper Dan                32.00
Dam:      Grosshills Spanish Eyes                     31.75

Danielle is a beautiful young mare. She is easy to handle and is pasture bred to a 30.00 black & white
pintaloosa for a late June or early July foal. Danielle has had only fillies for us. She is eligible to be
Parentage Qualified. We are selling only because of our health problems. Take a good look at this quality mare.


Lot #                                              Calloways Rocky Top

Stallion                        04-25-12         Appaloosa
AMHA #A211190

Sire:        Sweetwaters Little Brocco                  30.50
Dam:      Martys Mtn. Pretty Woman 

Rocky is a great and very small appaloosa stallion with spots galore! Its hard to find one better. He is gentle
 and is ready to put in with your mares or put in the show ring. His brother, Spotted Hawk, has placed in Halter
and Color classes and took 4 Grands & 8 Reserves. Take a good look. He should throw some great color for you!!


Lot #                                           Lucky Four Supremes Shangrila

Mare                      03-07-05                   Red Roan                    
AMHA  #A158904

Sire:       Lucky Four BlackVelvet Supreme             32.50
Lucky Four BlackVelvet RoanFancy         33.50

This mare is double-bred Black Velvet - on the top by a World Champion sire. It is hard to go wrong with this
proven line of champions. She has been pasture bred to Lucky Four Black Velvet Kingston for a 2015 foal.
This is a rare opportunity to own a mare with this bloodline as Little Kings Black Velvet is in Spain and no
longer available for breeding in the USA!


Lot #                                            Twin Wilo-O Bold Image       

Mare                      03-31-97                Buckskin        
AMHR #87160A

Sire:       Bryland Farms Spitten Image                30.50
Dam:      Buttermilks Dream Maker                     31.50

Image is a great brood mare that has no problem birthing and being a great mom. She has given us some nice
babies with colors of sorrel pinto, palomino and dark buckskin. She sells with a colt at her side, foaled 03-31-14,
 by a 32.00 bay pinto stallion. The sire is a grandson of L & D Scout and a great grandson of Buckeroo.


Lot #                                                      Desperado's Honey          

Mare                       05-01-00                   Silver Dapple
AMHR #208656A

Sire:       PHP Desperado                                      28.50
Dam:      Marlin's Honey                                        33.00

Honey is a mare that we have done it all with. She was our Grand Champion Halter Mare for several years.
 We have two of her daughters that we are keeping to bred and show with in her place. She has had lots
of colored babies. She is exposed to our 32.00 bay pinto stallion, Little John, for this summer. He is a
grandson of L & D Scout and a great-grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo.


Lot #                                                    SFM White Raine             

Jennet                     06-01-12                      White Frost

Dam:               Unknown

Raine is a white frosted jennet. She will add color to any herd. She is friendly and easy to work with.
She has been exposed to a 31.00 jack and should foal this summer. She was exposed from 06-01-13
 thru 09-04-13. Her full sister, Starr, is selling as Lot #   . 


Lot #                                                    SFM White Starr

Jennet                          05-20-11               White Frost

Sire:                Unknown
Dam:               Unknown

Starr is a white frosted jennet. She is gentle to handle and has lots of potential. She has been exposed to
a 31.00 jack and should foal this summer. She was exposed from 06-01-13 thru 09-04-13. Her full sister,
Raine, is selling as Lot #   .


Lot #                                            Donkette Korral Laila

Jennet                        06-06-13      White Spotted
MDR Application

Sire:                Donkette Korral Sheloy's CJ            29.75
Dam:               Donkette Korral Velvetova              31.75

Laila is a beautiful well conformed donkey with a great pedigree and lots of eye appeal. Laila, being mostly
white will be a stand out and attention getter in your herd. Color options are many when bred to the right jack.
Her full sister is selling as Lot #  .


Lot #                               Lil' Longears Blackies Tootie                       

Jennet                    09-13-03                   Black               

Sire:       Circle C Motowns Black Gold        33.25      
Lil' Longears Chocolate Cake         32.00

Tootie was National Reserve World Champion at the 2005 Calgary Stampede. This is your chance to
 own the best of the best! She has been pasture exposed to our little 28.78 black Buckshot. Her 2013 foal
 is selling as Lot #   .


Lot #                                             Donkette Korral Solice                      

Jennet                    06-19-12                  Brown             
MDR Application

Sire:         Donkette Korral Sheloy's CJ            29.75      
Dam:        Donkette Korral Velvetova              31.75

Solice is a maturing two-year old. You be the judge - great conformation, beautiful shaped head and ears -
highlighted by a white muzzle and white around her eyes. Her full sister is selling as Lot #  .


Lot #                                            Donkette Korral Nela

Jennet                    11-08-13     Black    
 MDR Application

Sire:           Donkette Korral Sheloys CJ            29.75      
Dam:          Donkette Korral Miney                     32.00

Black is beautiful! Nela has it all - nice conformation, correct, alert head and ears, highlighted by white
 around eyes and white muzzle. She is looking for a home with lots of love!


Lot #                             Donkette Korral Sweet Velvet

Jennet                      06-07-93 Dark Brown

Sire:                Donkette Korral Texas Red         32.00      
Dam:               Donkette Korral Annie Oakley    34.50      

Velvet is one of our best foundation dams, producing many very special jack and jenny foals as well as
some great show donkeys. Velvet comes with a jenny foal at her side, born 03-26-14. Her 2012 foal is
selling as Lot #.


Lot #                                     Donkette Korral Jubelee

Jennet                    09-24-12 Black NLP
MDR Application

Sire:                Donkette Korral Sheloys CJ            29.75      
Donkette Korral Sweet Velvet         32.50

Jubelee is a looker - all black with no light points with a pedigree of who's who in the donkey world - greats
like Jack of Spades, Motown, Fireman and many other great names.


Lot #                                                Gardners Laurel U.               

Jennet               05-19-10       Black/brown/white

Sire:       MGF Kalona McDuff                      32.50
Dam:      MJB Venus Duchess                       32.00

Black spots, brown highlights on ears and around eyes and on a white background makes Laurel a stand
out jennet. Great breeding, great conformation. Don't miss her!!


Lot #                                                Donkette Korral Mystic                              

Jennet                          05-27-08        Brown
MDR Application

Sire:                Donkette Korral Bandit                     30.25
Dam:               Donkette Korral Scarlet Rose           32.50

Mystic will give you the opportunity to have some real nice foals. Breed to the right jack and you can
expect reds, blacks, browns, spots - up choose. She has been exposed to Donkette Korrals Fargo,
a black & white jack.


Lot #                                          Donkette Korral Delnor                  

Jack               10-17-13          Brown & White Spot
MDR Application

Sire:       Donkette Korral Granite                         29.75
Dam:      Gardners Hillary C                                 32.00

Looking for color? Delnor can produce it. Sired by our very wooley Granite, who has produced many
wooleys for us. Small size, great pedigree and conformation should make Delnor a great herd sire.


Lot #                                     Donkette Korral Lucca

Jack                         06-15-12             Black
MDR Application

Sire:       Donkette Korral Sheloys CJ                29.75
Dam:      Donkette Korral Miney                       32.00

Luca is a product of our great breeding program that has produced some award winning jacks and
jennies. Lucca has a great pedigree and is sired by our famous Donkette Korral Sheloys CJ. He
 is going to remain small.


Lot #                                  Donkette Korral Flash     

Jack                       05-30-13   Black
MDR Application

Sire:       Tiny Ass Acres Buckshot                       28.78
Dam:      Lil' Longears Blackie Tootie                   33.25

Flash - just what you want for show or your breeding program. color, pedigree, conformation
and a proven National Champion dam (selling as Lot #    ), plus our own proven little herd sire
Buckshot on the top, standing at just 28.78.


Lot #                                      Mini Gaits Stand By Me     

Stallion                    02-07-12                  Black Pinto
AMHA #A210304    AMHR #318229T

Sire:       Walden Hill Harbor Nights                   32.00
Dam:      Aloha Acres Design By Magic             34.00

Parentage Qualified - Double Registered - Homozygous-  And just look at the bloodlines on this
boy!! They include Martin Boozers After Dark, FWF Blue Boys Magic Man, and Aloha Acres
Design by Magic. Color, conformation, pedigree, and a sweet attitude – what more could you ask
 for? Show him or use him as your next herd sire or both. He is up to date on shots and worming.


Lot #                                               S & K Hall’s Aponi

Jennet                     2000         Gray Dun
MDR #43127

Sire:                Unknown
Dam:               Unknown

Aponi is a very small jennet. She is very friendly and likes petting and getting treats. She had a
black and white jack in July of 2013. She has been pasture exposed to my 32.00 black and
white jack for a fall 2014 baby. She is up to date on worming. She has been micro chipped


Lot #                                       Spotted Acres Gretchen


Jennet       06-29-98     Brown, Gray & White Spotted 
MDR #35606 

Sire:       Easqoleto                                          34.50
Dam:      Spotted Acres Petunia                       34.00

Gretchen is a fine jenny and great mama. She is heavy bred now to my jack, R & R’s Little Pepper,
a 32.00 gray and white jack. You will love Gretchen and her soon-to-be-baby. She is up to date
on worming and hoof trimming.


Lot #                                                    Triple C Mini Lil Jen                    

Jennet                        June 2006    Brown/Gray Dun           
AMD #E-14344

Sire:                Unknown             
Dam:               Unknown

Lil Jen is a very sweet, friendly and easy to handle jenny. She is bred to my 32.00 gray and white
 spotted jack, R & R’s Little Pepper. She is due for a fall 2014 baby. Her 2013 foal is selling as
Lot #   . She is up to date on worming and hoof trimming.


Lot #                                                          Jack

Jack                           06-06-13   Gray Dun
AMD Application

Sire:       R & R’s Little Pepper                          32.00
Dam:      Triple C Mini Lil Jen                           34.25


Jack is one of the sweetest and friendliest animals we have ever had. He is very easy to handle and loves
attention. He will make a wonderful addition to any farm. He is up to date on worming and hoof trimming.
His dam is selling as Lot #   .


Lot #                                                      Happy Times Playing With Fire

Stallion                     03-04-13 Sorrel Appaloosa

Sire:       T Bar T Firecrackers Dynamite                28.00
Dam:      Lucky Four Chips Emerald Bay                29.00                      

This colt is very refined and has a long hooky neck and pretty head. He has a very good disposition and is
willing to learn. He was shown last year at the AMHR Nationals in the weanling 26” and under class. His
sire is homozygous LP/LP few spot. His dam is a black/bay daughter of Glory B Farms Chocolate Chip.

*All proceeds from the sell of this colt go to Chuck Johnson to help with all expenses that he has
 incurred while he is in California taking treatments for his cancer. Chuck is a veteran and served
in the Army for 26 years until he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and has been battling
 it ever since. Chuck and his family are trusting the Lord through all of this.*


Lot #                  Happy Times Touch Of Dynamite                   

Stallion        02-23-13          Black/Near Leopard

Sire:      T Bar T Firecrackers Dynamite                28.00
Dam:      Happy Times Touch Of Satin      

This colt is very small and will mature under 30.00. His sire is 28.00 and a few spot homozygous LP/LP.
His dam is a black varnish and a daughter of MCC Feathers Touch. This is a very nice colt with a long
neck and is correct in every way. He is a very loud near leopard.


Lot #                                  Kobecks II Chantely Lace

Mare                         05-28-06                Appaloosa

Sire:       Kobeck Spotted Wolf
Dam:      Kobecks II Apache Maiden

Lacey has had 3 foals for us. Her first foal was born in 2011 and was a very loud black leopard colt; her
second foal was born in 2012 and was a black appaloosa filly; and her third foal born in 2013 is a few
spot homozygous LP/LP colt with 2 ice blue eyes. Lacey is not back in foal for 2014 and we have not
bred her this year. There is nothing wrong with her and she is breeding sound. She has not had any
problems foaling and is a good mother. Take her and breed her to the stallion of your choice. She has
always had good colored foals for us and all of her foals have been correct and nice.


 Lot #                                       Little Rivers Lillie Bell

Jennet                     08-19-13 Brown     

Sire:       VLMS Remington                          33.00
Dam:      Little Rivers Gracie                         32.50

Lillie Bell is one of the sweetest young jennies we have ever owned. She is the first to meet you at the
gate for her scratches. Lillie Bell has good conformation and is maturing into a very nice looking young jennet.


Lot #                                      MiniStuf Banners Dark Lace

Mare                           05-17-09 Black Appaloosa
AMHA #A196982    AMHR #301291T

Sire:    Six Gems Spots Bay Banner              31.00
Dam:   Ministuf Spotted Cloud                      33.75

Lacey was born and raised on our farm. Her parents were two of the sweetest horse I have ever owned.
 Lacey is a little different. Once caught, she’s easy to work with and doing her feet is not a problem. But
you have to catch her first. She’s bred for her first foal to a chestnut leopard. She has A/R papers but I
believe she’ll measure over. Her summer coat is a very pretty snowflake pattern.

MiniStuf Banners Dark Lace                                                                Sire: Six Gems Spots Bay Banner


Lot #                      Pick Pockets Nestles Ms. Kitkat

Mare                             04-20-10                Black Pinto
AMHR #304035T

Sire:        Michigans Nestles’s Quick                    37.00
Dam:       Rockwood Farm Spirit of Winona         35.75

I’ve not owned this mare long but can tell you she’s easy to handle and work with. She was bred when
I purchased her. She had a tiny black & white filly in late 2013 and was a good mother. She has not been
bred back and sells open for this year. She’s only being offered as I am reducing my mares. Lacey has
beautiful blue eyes. Her sire was in the HOF.


Lot #                              Bonnie’s Lil Angel

Mare                         05-19-11   Buckskin
AMHR #313002T

Sire:       Boones Buck Magic Marker            31.50
Dam:     Cottontails Strawberry Jayne             34.75

This little mare is as sweet as she is pretty. Having Buckeroo in her background makes her a welcome
addition to anyone’s herd. She’s bred to a chestnut leopard appaloosa for her first foal. Buckeroo in
 her background, sweet, bred to a loud appaloosa – all are things to be considered when looking at this little mare.


Lot #                                         Six Gems Spotted Ace                                  

Stallion        05-25-05   Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa
AMHA #A164378    AMHR #164664A

Sire:       Six Gems Color Me Spotted                34.00      
Dam:      Hidden Hollow Hilda                         32.75

I’ve owned this stallion since he was a two-year-old. In five foal crops he has produced color in 75%
of the foals. He’s safe with mares and foals and easy to handle for anyone familiar with handling stallions.
I’ve kept two of his fillies which are now breeding age so he’s being offered to someone else to produce
those colorful foals we all want!


Lot #                                                      PRF Thunderbird                   

Gelding                  06-30-06                Silver Dapple Pinto
AMHR #274122B

Sire:       Scott Creek Numero Uno                 31.75
Dam:      Lynncliffs Encore Amore Pearl          33.25      

T-Bird has won National titles and Grand and Reserve Champion titles in Halter and driving. He is broke
to drive,
does halter, jumps, and just your all around horse.


Lot #                                           TC'S Green Creek Black Jack                                                                               

Gelding                          03-03-06     Black
AMHA #A199121    AMHR #310259A

Sire:                Unknown
Dam:               Unknown

Charlie is a great horse for a kid to show. He is broke to drive, halter, jump and halter and driving obstacle.
He has won titles at Nationals in youth and open - all shown by a youth.


Lot #                                        KB Circle B Standing Ovation 

Gelding                        04-17-08                 Bay
AMHR #296164A

Sire:       LTD Maverick Man                      29.50      
Dam:      Millers Reds Painted Pattie            33.00

Little Man is a great pet! He knows how to jump, halter, and halter obstacle. He has been started in driving.
 He is green broke to drive.


Lot #                                                        HM Josie                     

Jennet                    05-13-10       Very Dark Brown
MDR #63881

Sire:       S.S. Cotton                                    32.50
Dam:     Gardner's Jamie W                          33.00

Josie is pasture bred to Rector's Thunder Twenty One. She should be due this summer. Her 2013 foal is selling as Lot #  .


Lot #                                            Pressley's Miss Hope

Jennet                          03-26-13          
MDR #56709

Sire:       Rector's Thunder Twenty One
Dam:      HM Josie                                       34.50

This little jenny's dam is selling as Lot #   .


Lot #                                         Hazlewood's Candy Apple Red               

Jennet                     05-21-06      Red

Sire:       Asspirin Ares Lil Heartbreaker                32.50      
Dam:      758's Misty S                                         35.00

Candy Apple is a beautiful red jennet with a great personality. She is seven years old and has excellent conformation.
She will be a great asset to your herd.






Lot #                                     Tri Lake Exotics Tea Time                

Jennet                           03-10-04   Gray

Sire:       Trifecta                                                32.00      
Dam:      Time O Tea                                         30.00

Tea Time is a beautiful & small gray jennet.  She is a easy breeder and has produced multiple small babies.
You will like this jenny.


Lot #                                                 Hazlewood Lil Misty               

Jennet            07-02-07             Red

Sire:       Merry Go Rounds Hot Wheels            32.00      
Dam:      758's Misty S

Lil Misty is a pretty red jenny. Check her conformation. She should be at the top of your list!! Take her home and enjoy her!





Lot #                                                 Wit's End Scarlet Ribbon                

Jennet                     08-25-05      Dark Red

Sire:       Teddy Treasures Soldier Boy            31.00      
Dam:      Windcrest Little Bridget                     32.75

Great personality! Very sweet and  friendly. Scarlet is an excellent mother. Opportunity abounds to be able to produce the
very desirable reds with her.






Lot #                                                              HM Fearless               

Jennet                      05-01-2-13                    Black/Brown
AMHA #A198935

Sire:       SMBS Lil Fester                                 28.50      
Dam:      Tri Lake Exotics Tridon                      30.50

Fearless is a very nice little girl. She is easy going and would make a good addition to your herd. Don't miss her!
She is great with kids and is very sweet.


Lot #                                                                       HM Cassie                

Jennet                            04-23-12       Brown NLP

Sire:       Maxwell Ridge The Ranger                31.00      
Dam:      Hazlewood's Holly Berry                   30.00

What can I say? Cassie is a very loveable dark red/brown jennet. She has a very nice pedigree and great
 potential. Look and take her home! Cassie has everything a future jenny would need.


Lot #                                                                 HM Black Drama              

Jennet                            06-06-13      Black NLP

Sire:                Donkette Korral Pepper                     31.00
Dam:                Bainbridge's Miss Attitude                 32.50

Drama is as sweet and gentle as they come. She greets you at the gate and leaves you when you leave the
paddock. She has a nice pedigree and great conformation for her age. Drama would make a great addition
to your herd. Don't overlook this jenny!!










Lot #                                                              HM Scooter                

Jack                               06-04-13     Red/White/Brown

Sire:       Fisher's Painted Carson                     30.00      
Dam:      Bainbridge's Class Act                       29.50

Scooter is a very nice jack foal. He is an eye catcher with his beautiful spots on both sides. He is correct
and should produce flashy spotted babies. This little fellow has everything! Don't miss him!!











Lot #                                                    HM Artic Thriller                

Jack                               01-06-10        Red

Sire:       Wit's End Win One For The Gipper          31.00
Dam:      Ass-Pirin Acres Pat E Cakes                    32.75

Thriller is a nice small compact jack. Beautiful red color, stocky, and good body. Check out his pedigree.
Great names! Great reds! Don't miss him!! Thriller's worth the ride!!!


Lot #                                     Tri Lakes Exotics Tridon               

Jennet                        05-01-03       Brown

Sire:       Trifecta Farm                                       32.00      
Dam:      Tri Lake Exotics Donna                      30.50

Tridon has been a wonderful producer and mother. She has the beautiful brown color and conformation to
be a great asset to any herd. She is small! Look and take her home!!










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